North Soho 999

Just before 2.30pm on 29 April 1947, three masked gunmen raided a shopin Soho, London’s bohemian heartland. Little did they realize that they were  destined to provide the blood-spattered climax to the tidal wave of gun-crimeand gangsterism threatening to overwhelm post-war London.

By the end of that afternoon, the police had launched what would become one of the biggest and most ingenious murder-hunts of the twentieth-century. Led by Chief Inspector Bob Fabian, the investigation would generate acres of press coverage. It would spawn Britain’sfirst hit television cop show. It would inspire The Blue Lamp, among the all-time British movie hits. And it would bring together some of the most celebrated crime-fighters of the era, men whose lives were transformed by what happened that afternoon.

Part police procedural, part courtroom drama, populated by a cast including the hangman Albert Pierrepoint and the actress Ingrid Bergman. North Soho 999 paints an atmospheric, non-fiction portrait of the lost world of bombsites, spivs and teenage hoodlums.

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