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(film tie-in edition released as The Look of Love)

For almost forty years, Paul Raymond was one of Britain’s most scandalous celebrities. Best known as the owner of the Raymond Revuebar, a world famous strip-club frequented by the Beatles, Frank Sinatra and the Krays,he enjoyed equal success as a theatre impresario, property magnate and porn baron.

With his fur coat, gold jewellery, customized Rolls Royce and taste for showgirls, he was often portrayed as the cartoonish personification of nouveau riche vulgarity. Yet he also embodied the entrepreneurial instincts that would transform a Liverpool lad into Britain’s richest man – a man so prosperous that he was the victim of a terrifying extortion plot.

Paul Willetts’s racily atmospheric book follows Raymond from his strict Catholic upbringing to his death in 2008, by which time his isolation, paranoia and extreme wealth had earned him the reputation as England’s answer to Howard Hughes.

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