Julian Maclaren-Ross, Selected Stories

Enthusiastically endorsed by the likes of Graham Greene, Anthony Powell, Evelyn Waugh, and John Betjeman (who hailed him as a genius), Julian  Maclaren-Ross was one of the leading writers of the 1940s. His world is dingy,down-at-heel; a world of smoke-veiled bars, rented lodgings, blacked-out streets, and wartime army garrisons, first-hand experience lending his work a frisson of authenticity. Whether narrated in the breathless, slangy voice of an uneducated soldier, or the clipped cadences of a colonial expat’, whether set on the French Riviera or wartime England, his stories are imprinted with his unmistakable literary logo, their tone casual, matter-of-fact and laconic, with characteristically caustic, humorous asides failing to conceal a melancholy that seeps through their hardboiled surfaces.

Praise for Julian Maclaren-Ross’s Selected Stories

“It was a great treat to discover the writing of Julian Maclaren-Ross. Witty, smart, eccentric - he never ceases to entertain.”—Sarah Waters

“Maclaren-Ross is a writer due for the front rank. We are, we are told, to take the ‘I’ of the stories to be the author himself. If so, he is working under chaotic conditions. Better, and more dire, pictures of the Bohemian extremity in pubs and the Soho purlieus, in dun-beleaguered bungalows along half-made roads, in and out of bookshops and under the duress of the srmy are not, I should imagine, to be found. There is an at once savage and fatalistic tolerance in Mr Maclaren-Ross’s approach to human beings: he has also often the merit of being extremely funny.”—Elizabeth Bowen

“…the stories are vividly told in a manner that brings Maclaren-Ross’s various worlds alive for us more than half a century on.”—Nicholas Royle, The Guardian

“…very good indeed.”The Daily Telegraph

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