Cast and crew


Callum Coates (Maxwell Knight)

Emmeline Prior (Anna Wolkoff)

Bradley Clarkson (Tyler Kent)

Emma Bown (Friend of Anna Wolkoff)

Jon Glover (BBC newsreader)

Dickie Leggett (MI5 watcher)

Dave Risely (Policeman)

Shaughen Casterton (Passer by)

Phil Emby (Passer by)


Director: Guy Myhill

Producer: Paul Willetts

Cinematographer: Guy Myhill

Screenplay: Paul Willetts

Storyboarding: Guy Myhill and Paul Willetts

Editing: Matthew Harrison, Guy Myhill and Paul Willetts

Costumes: Emma Bown and Callum Coates

Music (theme tune): Alexander John Plowright

Music (tenor sax solo): written and performed by Trev Rowland

Sound design and sound mixing: Matthew Harrison, Guy Myhill, Pete Woodhead and Paul Willetts

Hair and make-up: Emma Bown

Lighting and production stills: Andi Sapey    

Captions: Duncan Spilling                 

A generous consignment of gratitude is owed to the following people, all of whom assisted with the making of this film:

Adrian Sear at Sound Tracks Studios, Westbourne Park (

The staff at the wonderful 1940s Experience (

David Wall of David Wall Classic Cars (

Nick Walmsley

Aladdin’s Cave, Norwich

Dave Risely

Matthew Wesley

David Willetts

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