Advance praise for King Con

"Paul Willetts's King Con takes readers on a rollicking ride—a tale of fake celebrity and ingenious cons by an inventive Jazz Age grifter that resonate across the decades to this particular moment in America with an unsettling relevance. Readers will be amused, entranced, and, I'm certain, left shaken."—Howard Blum, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Goodnight and In the Enemy's House

"Amazing, absorbing, and phenomenally well-researched, King Con is a compelling story that proves truth is far, far stranger than fiction: a picture of an America so naîve and gullible it's hard to imagine. Not a page is turned without the reader learning something that astonishes and enthralls."—Paul French, New York Times bestselling author of Midnight in Peking

"Paul Willetts's King Con is one hell of a rollicking good read. A fabulous tale of one of the all-time great con artists, pulled off with great verve and style. A Jazz Age classic!"—Alex Kershaw, New York Times bestselling author of Avenue of Spies and The Liberator

"A story so bizarre—and compulsively told—that my jaw remained anchored to the floor throughout."—John Preston, bestselling author of A Very English Scandal and The Dig

"Think Charles Ponzi was slick? Edgar Laplante, a.k.a. Chief White Elk, was an imposter extraordinaire who hoodwinked audiences and newspaper readers across America and Europe. Paul Willetts spins the rollicking tale of this audacious conman with wit, razor-sharp insight, and dazzling storytelling. Hang on for a wild ride…"—Dean Jobb, author of Empire of Deception

"King Con is a riveting account of a Jazz Age grifter whose grandiose ruse of a life can only be described as fascinatingly ludicrous! A mesmerising and enjoyable read."—Suzanne Rindell, bestselling author of The Other Typist and Eagle and Crane

"You might justifiably pick up King Con to travel back in time to the ultra-charming Jazz Age, but long after you've been pulled into the vortex of this riveting and deliciously strange tale, what will stick with you is the astonishing audacity of Edgar Laplante's all-consuming, decade-plus-long grift. An uproarious read."—Dave Howard, author of Chasing Phil and Last Rights

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