Personal Myths: the Weird World of Fake Native Americans

Zoom talk for the Last Tuesday Society

Thursday 19 January 2023, 8.00pm - 9.30pm (U.K. time)

Over the past 250 years, so many Americans with both European and African heritage have pretended to be Native American that real Native Americans have started jokily referring to them as members of the “Wannabe” tribe. Prominent among this parade of the roguish and the delusional are the famous conservationist, Grey Owl; the ethnographer, Red Thunder Cloud; the civil rights campaigner, Chief Red Fox; the movie actor, Iron Eyes Cody; as well as the conman and darling of the Italian fascist party, Edgar Laplante. 

Join Paul Willetts – author of a recent much-praised book about Laplante (King Con, 2018) – for this illustrated Zoom talk, focusing on some of the twentieth-century’s weirdest stories.

Tickets are from £5. Click on this link to buy them.

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