1 / 10
“[Paul Willetts is] a writer with a vivid and amusing turn of phrase.” (Steve Coogan)
2 / 10
“[Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Rooms] is an enthralling true spy story.” (The Guardian)
3 / 10
“This Jazz Age imposter’s life makes for quite a story, and in King Con Paul Willetts knows just how to tell it.” (The Washington Post)
4 / 10
“Members Only provides a fantastically rich and entertaining portrait of post-war Soho.” (BBC Radio FiveLive)
5 / 10
“I urge you to read North Soho 999... the absolutely gripping true story of an armed raid on a Fitzrovia jewellers.” (Mark Gatiss, The Independent on Sunday)
6 / 10
“[Fear & Loathing in Fitzrovia is] tremendously vivid and atmospheric.” (Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize-winner)
7 / 10
“[Rendezvous at the Russian Tea Rooms] is a gripping tale that charts a complex web of double-dealing.” (The Financial Times)
8 / 10
“Thoroughly researched and extremely well-written, Members Only is an impressive book.” (The Observer)
9 / 10
“I was astonished by Paul Willetts’s King Con, a real story about an absurd, fascistic fraud.” (The Guardian)
10 / 10
“I especially admired Fear & Loathing in Fitzrovia which breaks new ground.” (The Observer Books of the Year)
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